Welcome to Greenwood Bay College

Welcome to Greenwood Bay College.

GBC is a unique school with a charm difficult to describe in words.

GBC runs from Toddler Class right through to Grade 12.
We are a secular school with a modern, forward-looking approach to education, yet we believe in old-fashioned manners, integrity, trust and discipline.

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The primary goal of Greenwood Bay College is to celebrate the indiviual, instill pride in the school, teach ethical values and embrace relevant technologies of the future.


We aim to rise above the ordinary by producing school-leavers who will thrive in the 21st century; and show resilience, kindness, tolerance and respect.


Our highly committed staff, both teaching and non-teaching, will endeavour to ensure that all aspects of the school's organization, curricular and extra-curricular activities, are child-centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success and thrive within a vibrant programme. By encouraging independence and confidence and promoting logical and creative thinking amongst learners and staff, we will celebrate the diversity in our community.