As GBC grows, so does our sport.

We are very proud to offer a variety of sports on both a fun and a competitive level.

We work on team building specifically with cricket, tennis, soccer, netball and hockey, but also coach our athletes, swimmers and mountain bikers to excel in whatever competition they take part in.

Sport is all about being interactive and developing a good sense of sportsmanship.

Every learner gets the opportunity to be part of a team and we value each child for their contribution.

We expect all students to do at least one school sport per term.


On offer at GBC:


Grade 1:

Summer: Athletics, Swimming, Mountain Biking

Winter: Ball Skills, Mountain Biking


Grade 2 – 12:

Summer: Athletics, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Mountain Biking

Winter: Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Mountain Biking, Tennis


Apart from the arts & culture lessons that take place in the classroom, our school offers many opportunities for learners to participate in activities such as concerts, dancing, drama & talent shows.

Our art and culture department is of such high standards, that we are turning out productions any school would be proud of.  We offer group activities such as Choirs and Debating, but there are also on-campus private music and singing lessons on offer.

GBC hosts an array of music evenings, art exhibitions, an annual Eisteddfod and concert production.


On Offer at GBC:


Grade 1 – 3:

Reading, Learner Support, Chess & Board Games, Choir, Eco Club

Grade 4 – 7:

Homework Club, Chess, Choir, Art Club, Dance, Canoe Club, Stitch Craft

High School:

Homework Club, Art Club, Debating, Film Club, Kayak Club, Gardening Club, Choir