Leadership & Office

With a staff of dedicated teachers we have arguably the best student/staff ratio

in the country and our academic results have been excellent.

David Butler

Head of High
English, Business Studies

The High School’s secret lies in small classes, dedicated teachers, a relaxed atmosphere, and a world-class curriculum.

With a growing focus on sport and culture, GBC high has become a well balanced school with a beautiful campus that seems to bring out the best in everyone.  GBC also embraces each child’s unique indiviuality and our pupils are able to express themselves in a healthy way.

“When students realise that they are respected and trusted enough to take responsibility for their education, they tend to respond very positively.”

Leigh Gips

Marketing & PR Manager

PA to the Principal

Angela Legge


Shelley Wildeman

High School Office Manager

Keren Vermaak

Prep School Reception