Admission for Greenwood Bay College


Visit Greenwood Bay College

Contact the GBC front office and make an appointment with the Marketing Manager to do a tour of the school.


Provisional Application

Should you wish to enrol your child at Greenwood Bay College you will first be required to fill in the School Application Form and pay a registration fee.


Interview with the Principal, the parent and the prospective learner

will be set up. This will include a small age appropriate entrance test with the teacher, that the prospective child will need to complete.



Once your child has been accepted at Greenwood Bay College, and the non-refundable enrolment fee has been paid, will your child’s place be reserved. Acceptance into the School shall be made at the School’s discretion, in accordance with the School’s Admissions Policy.

Please note: When submitting your application you will be required to pay an online application fee. Please read the below attachment on ‘Online Payments – 3 D Secure’ to ensure that you have registered for this service with your bank before paying online. If you have not registered for this service with your bank your online payment will not be successfully submitted.

Please note: When uploading required documents to you online application; that the maximum file size for upload is 2MB. To help you reduce the size of your files, please read the following knowledge article on reducing the size of your .PDF document or reducing the size of your image file.

Please also use Google Chrome as the preferred web browser.

Technical Support

EXISTING STUDENTS: Please note that you only need to submit an enquiry or application if your child is not already enrolled at an AdvTech school.  If you are intending to transfer between schools or progress to a new phase please contact the school directly as you are not expected to pay an application fee for this move.

NEW ENQUIRIES AND APPLICATIONS:  For technical support for your enquiry or application please contact


Greenwood Bay College


Branch code: 632 005

Account number: 409 301 4355